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Our Precise Light Control™ technology is a revolution in LED sports lighting. It offers a drastic reduction in power consumption, spill, and glare over other LED systems. The results include:

  • 45% less energy consumption than competing LED technologies

  • 30% fewer lumens needed to achieve the same results

  • 25% or more savings on upfront costs

  • Lowest spill and glare offered in the industry

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  • What is Brightness?

    • Brightness is the amount of light delivered from a source based on its size.

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  • What is Spill?

    • Spill light is uncontrolled light.  Normally delivered light above the 50˚ beam angle is difficult to control.

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  • What is Glare?

    • Simply put, glare occurs when too much light enters your eye and interferes with your eye's ability to manage it.

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Energy Consumption

  • What is KW?

    • KW means kilowatts.  Is the amount of power your system consumes.

The 4 most important attributes of a superior designed sports lighting system should include

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Minimizing Brightness

Brightness occurs when LEDs emit too much light from a single source.  Imagine an LED emitting 1,000 lumens from a single source and that same LED emitting 375 lumens. A superior lighting design by Premier minimizes brightness by using significantly more LEDs operating at lower driver currents. Our competitors utilize either 16 or 228 LEDs on a single 155,000-lumen fixture operating at significantly higher drive currents.  Premier utilizes 624 LEDs for a single 193,000-lumen fixture.  As a result, our fixture is easier to view from all angles than our competition. Check out the comparison graphs below!

graph musco.001.png
comparison charts.002.png
comparison charts.003.png

Premier crushes the competition in minimal Brightness and it's not even close!

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Minimizing Spill

Spill light occurs when light from a sports field trespasses into unwanted areas.  Spill light is a major problem for adjacent property owners which can depreciate the value of said properties.  Spill light was a problem with old metal halide lighted fields and is still a problem with poorly designed new LED systems.  If you have an exceptional optical design, spill light can be virtually eliminated.  Premier's Precise Light Control™ significantly reduces spill light by providing unmatched optical control utilizing custom TIR optics manufactured from PMMA acrylic along with a custom internal louver system that collimates the beam and additionally has external shields.  Other LED competitors utilize similar technology that does not provide adequate spill control.  Premier's Precise Light Control™ destroys the competition!

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Minimizing Glare

Glare has a detrimental effect on sports field play, and its intensity can be disabling.  Superior optical design from Premier Sports Lighting using proprietary technology exceeds the minimum glare standards for professional sports play. Premier's Precise Light Control™ proprietary technology utilizes internal glare control louvers to block unwanted glare in all viewing angles to improve comfort for players and spectators. The glare control is provided in a flat black finish to absorb rather than reflect spill light, thereby eliminating secondary glare.

Premier's Precise Light Control™ smashes the competition!

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Energy Consumption

Most light fixtures can put light onto the field but it takes a superior design to do it efficiently.  Premier Sports Lighting's custom heat sink design utilizes a unique convective air cooling design which allows our LEDs to maintain a low junction temperature during high wattage operation.  This design allows our system to offer the highest lumens per watt which mean we use less wattage to achieve the same results.

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