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Introducing the ultra-high-performance Remote Pro

United States of America designed and manufactured lighting; the Remote Pro is made for, but not limited to: football, baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse lighting.

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Powerful. High performance.

United States of America designed and manufactured with one of the lowest-in-class weights of 35 lbs (15.88 kg). The Remote Pro offers ultra-high efficiency with over 135 lumens per watt, taking sports lighting performance to the next level.

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USA designed

USA manufactured

The first Remote Pro product to be manufactured at our facility in Gastonia, North Carolina, with more products to follow.

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Precision design and construction with advanced materials make the Remote Pro one of the world's most efficient high-powered sports lights.

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Ultimate glare control!

Remote Pro 1000 utilizes Premier's custom louver to block unwanted glare from players' and fans' eyes, causing the Remote Pro 1000 to be the most manageable light to view on the market!

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Highest Quality!

Premier selects only the highest quality batches (bins) of LEDs from the world’s most trusted LED companies to ensure optimum lighting quality is maintained for every luminaire.

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