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Remote Pro Enclosure

Introducing the ultra-high-performance Remote Pro Enclosure

United States of America designed and manufactured lighting; the Remote Pro Enclosure is made for, but not limited to: football, baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse lighting.

Premier Sports Lighting Remote Pro Enclosure

Powerful yet elegant.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Gastonia, NC.  The Remote Pro Enclosure comes with the Remote Pro 1000 and RGB.  It contains all critical components at a step ladders reach for maintenance.

Premier Sports Lighting Remote Pro Enclosure

Quick assembly in the shop

Quick replacement in the field

Every single driver is equipped with three quick disconnects.  In the event of a failure, the driver can be changed quickly with only an 11/32 socket wrench.

Premier Sports Lighting Remote Pro Enclosure

Easily Accessible

Yet so far away

Mounted 10ft above grade to the bottom of the enclosure.  It is easily accessible to provide maintenance from a step ladder yet far enough away for safety.

Premier Sports Lighting Remote Pro Enclosure

Remote Pro Enclosure


  • Factory-built and tested as a unit

  • Quick connect plugs for easy field repair

  • Mounted 10ft above grade for easy serviceability

  • Labeled with pole identification and electrical information

  • Drivers individually fused and spare fuses supplied

  • Wire access from inside the pole (no exposed wiring or conduit)

  • Rotary Disconnect per circuit

Technical Specifications

  • Constructed of aluminum and powder-coated

  • Enclosure ratings: NEMA 3R, IP54

  • Designed to operate in up to 60˚C (140˚ F) ambient temperature

  • Aluminum lift-off hinges for easy access to the interior of the enclosure

  • Stainless steel lockable latches

  • Meets touch-safe standards

  • Up to 10 drivers per enclosure

  • Approximate weight: <125 lbs. fully assembled

Premier Sports Lighting Remote Pro Enclosure Dimensions
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