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Control Pro


Premier has designed and built the most advanced sports lighting control system available in todays market.  Active monitoring of the health of your sports lighting system allows you to rest and not worry if your lights will work at your next game!


Benefits of Active Monitoring

  1. Know what is wrong same day.

  2. Trouble shooting is almost none existent with the monitoring of each critical device.

  3. No need to schedule maintenance ... we know what is wrong before you do!

  4. We know who pressed what button.  Usage is significant to understand when someone is using the system and why


User Friendly
When we started developing our custom control system, the number 1 priority was ... user simplicity.  We have made it so simple that you don't even need a user guide to control.

(we provide a user guide & training with every system)



  • Sunset

    • ​Enables the system not to be used until 45 minutes before sunset

      • allows for the system not to be run during unwanted times

  • Lightning

    • The system actively monitors weather and provides notifications of lighting strikes within a certain radius of the installed system.​

      • This allows PSL to monitoring any damage that may have been caused by lighting in real time.

      • A lightning strike within the geofence triggers a diagnostic check of the complete system to test for any and all damages that the storm may have caused.

  • Games vs. Practice

    • Schedule all of your games or practices in advanced and categorize them as such.​

    • An event labeled as a "Game" will trigger the system to provide a complete system check 72 hours before the scheduled event.

      • This allows for no "uh oh" scenarios with your lights.​

  • 3 types of users

    • Admin ~ full access to everything​

    • User ~ Can fully control system but not make changes

    • Coach ~ ability to turn on & off only

  • Selector Switches

    • On/Off/Auto selector switches for manual override in the rare event the network is non-responsive.​

  • Theatrical Controls

    • Standard with our Control Pro Plus is the ability to make magic happen!​

      • 7 pre-designed light shows allow your stadium to become the talk of the town.

        • Pole Chases​

        • Random and many more

      • 3 stage dimming - High/Medium/Low

Premier Sports Lighting control pro side view

Control Pro ~ Control and Monitoring System

Premier Sports Lighting Control Pro layout
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