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Integral or Remote System ...... What is best for you?

What factors make a Remote Driver System a true necessity?

  1. The first reason a remote driver system would probably be necessary is if equipment (bucket or crane basket) can’t readily access the top of the light pole for maintenance due to higher than normal mounting heights or access to the site.

  2. Poles originally installed with both pole climbers and safety wire won’t necessarily eliminate the future need to access the pole with bucket equipment because most contractors no longer climb poles for safety reasons.

  3. When extended labor warranties are included from the manufacturer as apart of there project price having the critical components readily accessible is a must to provide the best customer service in a timely manner.

  4. Any major industry near by that demands lots of energy consumption or provides considerable ground shaking like a rock quarry.

What factors make an Integral Driver System a true necessity?

  1. If the main concern is upfront cost then integral is the best option for you. Integral systems are around 30% less costly upfront vs remote driver systems.

  2. Easy accessibility to the filed/pole bases for maintenance

  3. Mounting heights 70' and below. Most electrical contractor who provide sports lighting installations have trucks to reach 70' at their disposal.

At Premier Sports Lighting we offer both systems as there are both customer in the market today. Our Remote system provides notification of driver failures and potential power surges along with high/medium/low dimming. Standard with our system is Theatrical Effects like pole chases, random flash, fixture chase, etc. is all standard with our Remote Driver System. If it is a retrofit project our system communicates via a private LAN via 5G wireless communication. This network is not discoverable locally at your site so you can be rest assured no one will be using it but you and you only.

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