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Emergency Power .... not just for your home or business

Have you ever experienced a power outage at your home or business? If so, you reach for that flashlight and expect the emergency lighting fixtures at your business to guide you to the nearest exit.

What happens if you’re enjoying a night time sporting event and you’re sitting in the bleachers and the stadium lights go out? The answer is you’re probably reaching for your iPhone because the vast majority of the old lighted fields have no provision for emergency lighting during an extended power outage. That goes for colleges all the way to the municipal outdoor venues.

If you’re considering upgrading with LED or constructing a new field you might want to check with your building or permitting authorities. By law, all outdoor sports facilities equipped with bleachers or stadium seating are required to provide a separate emergency lighting system should the main field lights go out. Depending on your local permitting authority, these emergency lighting requirements are mandated by a variety of electrical (NEC), building (UBC and IBC) and safety (NFPA) codes to provide Life Safety, adequate, emergency lighting to guide a fan off the bleachers and to the nearest exit.

The emergency lighting system shall also have the capacity to stay on for at least a 90 minute duration. Emergency lighting systems must also be tested on a regular basis. The electrical power for the emergency lighting system must also be independent of the main stadium power. The independent power can be provided from several types of electrical sources; UPS (Uninterruptible Power Systems), a standby generator set or another totally independent electrical power source.

Premier Sports Lighting offers a UL924 listed, Life Safety 101 UPS system equipped with emergency lighting LED fixtures to meet emergency lighting code requirements.

Please give us a call or email us if you are interested in more information.


The Premier Sports Lighting Team

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