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Pendleton High School
Pendleton, SC, USA


When Pendleton High School received funding to upgrade facilities around its campus, school leaders wanted to use the opportunity to update the lighting at their football stadium. The field’s previous HID lighting was far too burdensome when performing maintenance and affected neighbors with sky glow. Pendleton needed a retrofit solution to simplify facility management while preventing spill or glare from negatively impacting homes around the stadium.

Anderson School district 4 chose Premier's Remote Pro Hybrid™ system.  The Hybrid system allows for the reusing of poles AND the existing cross arm assemblies while providing a complete remote driver system with the electrical components enclosure placed 10ft above grade where staff members have easier access to perform maintenance.


  • Reduced power consumption by 83%! (154.56 kW - 26.5 kW  = 128.06 kW)

  • Annual Energy Savings: $11,525!

  • Yearly Maintenance Savings: $4,800!

  • Estimated Total Annual Savings: $16,325!

  • Estimated Return On Investment: 7.91 years (7.91 x $16,325 = $129,130.75 total investment; material and labor)

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