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10 year - 100% Financing Options

One Stop Financing

Financial and budget constraints no longer have to delay sports lighting projects. Premier Sports Lighting Capital™ offers low-interest financing for sports lighting projects – for both private and the public sector.

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Projects to Pay for Themselves

Premier Sports Lighting Capital™ is a way to finance comprehensive lighting solutions.  We provide the necessary capital at attractive financing rates to help you achieve your energy-efficiency and economic goals. The program is designed to maximize the financial benefits of sports lighting upgrades using our latest technology at “no upfront cost” to you.

Benefits of Program

  • Preserve available cash and credit lines- 100% financing including lighting equipment, recycling and installation costs

  • Standard terms 5 to 10 years

  • On balance sheet and off balance sheet solutions

  • Fast, efficient turnkey service from PSL

  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI) in todays market

  • Reduce carbon emissions, lighting pollution and energy consumption

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