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Clemson University
Historic Riggs Field
Clemson, SC

clemson riggs - corner pic.jpg

Clemson University wanted to move away from the 30+-year-old lighting system at its soccer facility due to concerns with its old outdated HID fixtures and low light levels. To better understand the capabilities of LED systems, Clemson researched several lighting solutions and became excited about the possibility of introducing special effects lighting to its players and fans. It was also important that the new system would offer exceptional glare and spill control.

Through a non-public purchasing process, Clemson recognized PSL's ability to provide superior lighting services at an affordable price and decided to install its Remote Pro™ system and Control Pro+® theatrical entertainment package at Riggs Field. PSL's unique stanchion system allows the ability to retrofit existing steel poles without special fabrication. The Control-Pro® system allows full control with simple operation via smartphone, while PSL's 10 year warranty guarantees Clemson won’t pay any maintenance costs through the year 2032.

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