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Our Services

At Premier Sports Lighting, we offer a variety of delivery methods to ensure the job is done right and to be a valuable partner from day one.

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At Premier Sports Lighting, we manufacture high-quality lighting and control systems in our UL 508A-certified panel shop.

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Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

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Premier Sports Lighting offers precise design and bid specification guidance, enabling informed decision-making and streamlined client project planning.

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Premier Sports Lighting offers expert design-build services in sports lighting, ensuring efficient, tailored solutions for sports facilities.

Our Work

clemson soccer.jpg

PSL brings Riggs Field to ESPN lighting standards

Premier illuminates Historic Riggs Field at Clemson University with cutting-edge LED sports lighting technology manufactured in Gastonia, North Carolina!


PSL brightens Nusz Park at Mississippi State Univ.

Premier has installed state-of-the-art LED sports lighting technology manufactured in Gastonia, NC at Nusz Park, Mississippi State University.


PSL provides lighting to new GHJC on campus stadiums

Premier illuminates the new facility for the Georgia Highlands College Chargers. Learn more.

A soccer field at night with the LED stadium lights on

Spill Control at its finest!

Spill Control ... Why is it important?

Click here to learn more about why it is essential to design new or existing LED sports venues with spill light and glare in mind.

An aerial view of the baseball and soccer fields at the YMCA in Anderson, South Carolina

Anderson YMCA to utilize Remote Pro by PSL

PSL will provide the Anderson County YMCA Duckwork Tucker Complex with nine fields of the most energy-efficient lighting system.

A soccer field at Christ School in Arden, NC after new LED stadium lights were installed

Christ School Greenies go Green with LED sports lighting!

PSL's Remote Pro was chosen by Christ School in Arden, NC to illuminate its baseball and soccer fields.

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